Video Content Analytics (VCA)


In a world where CCTV surveillance is now able to offer high definition images, it is now even more essential that Video Content Analytics (VCA) intelligence is a part of the surveillance solution.

360 Vision Technology takes pride in partnering with the industry’s leading Video Content Analytics technology manufacturers to deliver the ultimate CCTV system effectiveness and performance.

For example Video Content Analytics such as tripwire, appear/disappear, enter/exit, facial recognition etc, can be used to automatically engage camera functionality including switching on illumination, alarm or the automatic tracking of a target.

Combined with remote monitoring and/or rapid deployment, Video Content Analytics can deliver a highly effective intelligent CCTV surveillance solution.



  • Scenario based rule engine
  • Blended rules & cognitive approach
  • Input/output to 3rd party sensors
  • Reduction of nuisance alarms to absolute minimum
  • Fully integrated with all main VMS & PSIM Systems
  • “i-LIDS Primary” Approved Detection System
  • CPNI approved for CNI projects


  • AR&T MIST products are the only i-LIDS certified product to
    achieve both i-LIDS sterile zone primary certification and i-LIDS( Thermal )
    New Technologies Certification
  • Full integration for target auto tracking with Predator PTZ
  • CPNI approved for CNI projects
  • Comprehensive SDK for integration to SMS systems

DAVANTIS/Business Insight3

  • Secured by Design (Police preferred specification), CPNI & i-LIDS Primary accredited
  • Powerful server based video analytics reduces false alarm levels
  • Integrated and compatible with leading front end software and remote monitoring platforms
  • Simple configuration and flexible set up options