Stainless Steel Predator

High Speed Ruggedised PTZ Camera range constructed in Stainless Steel.

The 360 Vision Technology range of Stainless Steel Predator cameras has been developed to deliver reliable and robust performance even within the most extreme or corrosive environmental conditions, such as those found in maritime, industrial or motorway applications.

Key features:

Low Power

‘Low Power Mode’ for inactive periods of operation, ‘Intelligent Illumination’ and ‘Night Setting Pre-sets’ to control the illumination activity and low consumption components that all add up to greatly reduced power device for applications such as solar, fuel, battery and other low voltage sensitive applications.

On Board Recording

Stainless Steel Predator camera recording options of up to 256Gb give network backup, time lapse, FTP and alarm recording. Network sensing automatically senses when connection is lost to ensure that full HD, real time images can be recorded inside the camera, ensuring no information is lost.

Latest Camera Modules

All Stainless Steel Predator cameras now benefit from ULTRA low light technology from the stunning new 1/1.2.8’’ ULL sensors. Larger sensor = brighter, crisper and more defined COLOUR images at night.


360 Degree View

Continuous rotation pan, unobstructed 360 degree view, 180 degree tilt all contribute to unhindered views usually associated with Dome alternatives.


316L stainless steel is a low-carbon austenitic steel with high corrosion resistance, especially to chloride and sulfurous acids. It is commonly used in marine and industrial applications, such as petrochemical, food processing, and wastewater treatment.

Our ruggedised stainless steel cameras are designed to withstand harsh environments, such as extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, and vibrations.

In addition, IK10 is the highest impact protection rating for electrical enclosures, meaning they can resist 20 joules of external mechanical shock or impact.

IR + LED White Light

Stainless Steel Predator offers a comprehensive range of IR and/or white light illumination options – featuring distances up to 300m. White light offers powerful illumination for overt applications, intruder tracking and deterrence.


Dedicated Setup Apps

3 APPS for Discovery, Configuration and Update. With an innovative thumbnail index, select and program from one central Network point. No need for browser add-ins, security permissions or Internet necessary updates.

Direct Drive Mechanism

Unlike many competitor products that utilise belt based drive systems, Stainless Steel Predator incorporates ultra reliable and extremely quiet Direct Drive mechanisms, resulting in long life, high (and consistent) preset accuracy and long term reliability.

Attack Detect Feature

Stainless Steel Predator’s Attack Detect feature ensures if a physical attack is detected, the camera will automatically return to its original position – ensuring no loss of evidential footage.


Paint Options

Standard high quality paint finish and optional long life ‘Extreme’ paint finish for marine/coastal applications – ensuring the operational and aesthetic features of the Stainless Steel Predator are protected.


Stainless Steel Predator Ultra Thermal Camera

Thermal imaging CCTV surveillance cameras from 360 Vision Technology deliver high-resolution images in all environments, and can see through smoke, dust, light fog, haze and darkness.

The ideal choice for effective 24-hour surveillance and intrusion detection, Predator Thermal cameras include analogue and 1/1.9” Sony HD equipped models that deliver incredible colour or mono images during the hours of darkness.

Heat based thermal imaging can be used to detect recently driven vehicles
and hidden persons, recently disturbed ground, footprints and hidden objects with heat traces. In addition, thermal imaging CCTV can be used in process control, where accurate fault detection via thermal imaging can be used to detect potential health
& safety issues.



Eclipse HD Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel 1080p High Definition Camera

The 360 Vision Technology range of Eclipse Stainless Steel cameras has been developed to deliver reliable and robust performance even within the most extreme or corrosive environmental conditions, such as those found in maritime, industrial or motorway applications.

  • Full 1080p High Definition Stainless Steel Camera
  • Anti-Corrosive 316L Stainless Steel
  • On board LED illumination – IR or IR and White Light options
  • Built in Wiper
  • Washer ready Nozzle and Relay
  • Sony Starvis camera module – Ultra Low Light
  • 30x optical zoom
  • 1080p Full HD 2MP
  • ONVIF 2.4 Profile ‘S’ compliant
  • IP68 Weatherproof
  • Cable Managed Housing Bracket with 1 metre cables
  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK
  • 3 Years Manufacturers Warranty.
  • Downloads:
  • Eclipse HD Stainless Steel Brochure
  • Eclipse HD Stainless Steel Installation/Configuration Manual

Eclipse TC Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel TC Thermal camera

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • 3 years FULL manufacturers warranty
  • IP68 certified for a wide range of external environments
  • The Eclipse Thermal cameras are Uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) Microbolometer. The range includes 2 Thermal camera resolution options: 640 x 480 or 336 x 256 pixel resolution
  • Thermal Lens Options include 9mm, 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 60mm or 100mm lens options
  • Athermalised lenses remain in focus over any distance without the need for adjustments during installation, no matter what the environmental temperature
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Excellence in Design and Manufacture ensure all 360 Vision products offer exceptional quality combined with ultra reliability
  • Cable Managed Housing Bracket with 1 metre cables
  • The Eclipse range have advanced camera software with Digital Detail Enhancements to deliver sharp images without the need for ‘set up’ adjustments to provide high quality Thermal Imaging in any night or daytime environmental conditions
  • The Eclipse Range delivers high contrast picture detail which is optimized to work seamlessly with 360 Vision’s video analytic systems.
  • ONVIF ‘S’ compliant or 360SDK, see our web site for the many compatible VMS systems.