Available in a number of HD, analogue or Hybrid technology options, 360 Vision Technology’s Predator all-in-one PTZ camera is a highly popular choice when it comes to fulfilling a broad range of vehicle mounted surveillance requirements.

Predator’s ruggedised IK10 specification makes it supremely capable of delivering high quality imaging performance in most environments, extreme weather and taking in to account buffeting wind and vehicle speed considerations.

Available in a range of standard colours, or with paint options to match or blend in with specific vehicles, including military camouflage, Predator can also be supplied with on-board storage for recording.

Low voltage 12/24v AC or DC options and software for specific vehicle use, park positions and low power mode, all support excellent image capture for most on-vehicle applications. Common applications include: rapid deployment, emergency response, tactical deployment, and temporary surveillance for sporting and public events, and military and border use.