Ruggedized CCTV cameras for harsh environments


Harsh environment applications, including mining, petrochem, aviation, oil & gas, port, seafront promenade, industrial plant and marine surveillance applications, all require a ruggedized CCTV surveillance camera able to deliver reliable operation under adverse, harsh environment conditions.

Ruggedized CCTV cameras for harsh environments such as the rugged Predator stainless steel from 360 Vision Technology, are designed to deliver ultimate day and night performance and extended product life across all rugged CCTV camera applications.

The stainless steel, IP68 rated rugged Predator Steel harsh environment camera brings a compact stainless steel CCTV PTZ camera solution to installers and end-users at a very competitive price. The rugged Predator stainless steel is ideal for all rugged cctv camera surveillance applications within a wide range of harsh / hazardous environments.