International Security Journal: The last word


Sara Fisher, Sales Director, 360 Vision Technology explains how the company has dealt with the challenges of the past 12 months

What significant industry changes have you seen over your 20 years in security?

The most significant change would be the transition from analogue to IP. Before I joined 360 Vision, I was working for over 20 years for a company called AMG Systems, which worked across networking and security. There was a lot of excitement about IP but overall it wasn’t a big revelation 20 years ago. We had transport systems at AMG that I know went down the IP route and actually then came back to analogue.

Those early systems were quite interesting, but I would imagine it is in the last five years that we have seen the biggest impact of the change, for example I would estimate about 95% of our business at 360 Vision is now IP-based.

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