360 Vision Technology partner with Super Recognisers International


360 Vision Technology, the leading CCTV design and manufacturing company, are pleased to announce the appointment of Super Recognisers International (SRI), world leaders in CCTV investigation. Acting in an advisory role, SRI will be liaising with 360 Vision on future performance innovations for the company’s high-performance Predator ruggedized PTZ camera.

Headed up by Kenny Long, SRI combines a specialist team of experienced investigators and super recognisers. Super recognisers represent 1-2% of the population with the capability to remember 80% of facial detail they have seen, versus just 20% of detail for people with ordinary recognition ability. Originally serving in the Metropolitan Police, Kenny was quickly identified as one of the country’s most talented super recognisers, and tasked with helping to identify and bring to justice some of the UK’s most notorious criminals.

Commenting on the new advisory role to 360 Vision, retired DCI Mick Neville, who created the concept of Super Recognisers within the Metropolitan Police said: “Working closely with a British manufacturer that has the production capability to rapidly introduce enhanced new features will help to ensure the best possible results can be achieved by CCTV operators and super recognisers. Unfortunately technology alone cannot identify suspects in the majority of cases when reviewing post event CCTV. Human operators will be around for a long time to come and developing input that can contribute towards the development of even better camera surveillance technology will be highly beneficial to assist CCTV operators in their role. Having reviewed more CCTV footage than I care to mention, I have been an advocate of 360 Vision’s Predator camera for some time, and have seen many of the UK’s Local Authorities adopt the camera and it offers outstanding video quality. Utilsing our deep understanding of the challenges faced by operators and super recognisers, SRI will be advising 360 Vision’s design team to help them secure even better results in support of local authorities and crime fighters.”

Commenting on the new partnership, Adrian Kirk, Director of Strategic Accounts at 360 Vision Technology said: “Looking forward to the future, teaming up with Super Recognisers International will add an additional dimension to ensure that 360 Vision cameras continue to be developed with leading-edge quality, and features that fully support operators at the sharp end of the fight against crime and terror. Some of the new innovations we are looking at are high-tech, whilst others are practical. With input from SRI, we expect even greater advancements in our surveillance camera performance.

“The popular Predator ruggedized PTZ is widely used across the UK by local authorities in public space applications, understanding the issues faced by the country’s most talented super recognisers will help us to focus more on the demands of human operators who are often expected to find a needle in a haystack. ‘Focus’ when reviewing post event footage or lack of it can cause real problems for crime fighters and underlines the direction of technology innovation being pioneered by 360 Vision. Illustrating this point, the new Predator ‘DualView’ dual headed (PTZ) camera station which uses a combination of static megapixel technology, supplemented by powerful leading-edge optical zoom capability, is our latest novel camera innovation in support of control room operators’ surveillance identification needs.”