360 Vision Technology show SSL & 802.1X encryption protected cameras & new Illuminator Dome at Security Twenty 17 North


The leading CCTV design and manufacturing company, 360 Vision Technology, will be showing their support for advancing secure security solutions, fielding their range of high-performance surveillance cameras and new Illuminator Dome, at Security Twenty 17 North, 4th July, Majestic Hotel Harrogate.

Underlining the company’s technology innovation, 360 Vision will be displaying their popular Predator HYBRID and VisionDome VR surveillance cameras featuring advanced SSL & 802.1 encryption protection. Visitors to the show will also see 360 Vision’s latest ‘All-in-one’ external PTZ Illuminator Dome, which offers HD imaging and onboard 360-degree illumination for a high-performance 24/7 surveillance monitoring applications.

“Designed to protect against hacking and ransomware attacks, we’ll be showcasing 360 Vision camera technology with advanced SSL & 802.1 encryption protection,” says Adrian Kirk, Director of Strategic Accounts at 360 Vision. “In addition, we’ll be launching our latest innovation with a 360 degree PTZ dome camera with built-in 360 degree illumination. Designed and built in the UK to deliver effective 24/7 video imaging, reliability and performance, we’re looking forward to showing this novel camera product to our security trade installers and specifier customers.”