360 Vision Technology, the UK manufacturer of rugged PTZ and thermal imaging cameras, is promoting the use of radar imaging in its new Technology Learning Webinar.


Scheduled for Thursday 4th February, 10am-11am, the free-of-charge radar technology webinar explores basic principles, applications, design considerations and system integration, and is supported with a selection of successful installation examples.

Aimed at security consultants and system designers, the ‘Overview and use of Radar technology in perimeter/security detection applications’ webinar is designed to be interesting, practical and educational. The webinar’s content looks at a variety of market applications, and considers the use of cost-effective radar imaging to provide advanced security and situational awareness for perimeters, compounds and complete sites.

“Presented by 360 Vision’s camera technology expert, Tony Holloway, the radar technology webinar draws on his over 30 years’ experience in the physical security surveillance industry, and the experience and innovation of the 360 Vision product design team,” says Sara Fisher, Sales Director at 360 Vision Technology. “Anyone interested in deploying surveillance technology to dramatically improve on detection and alert capabilities both on the ground and in the air, as well as significantly reducing system costs versus standard video analytics, will benefit from attending the new radar technology webinar.”

To attend the free-of-charge Radar technology webinar (Thursday 4th February, 10am-11am), please use the registration link below: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/441242124271019280