MVIS/Bartco UK joins forces with 360 Vision Technology for road safety technology development


UK companies MVIS/Bartco UK and 360 Vision Technology, have joined forces on a technology innovation to produce an intelligent, solar-powered, trailer-based IP video surveillance platform.  Aptly named ‘Solar IP’, the unit is currently being deployed as an off-grid traffic management solution in several temporary roadworks and motorway schemes.

Commenting on the initiative and technology partnership, Matt Felce from MVIS/Bartco UK stated: “We have been a market leader in the supply of trailer based variable message sign solutions for many years, and with IP technologies becoming more ‘power efficient’ we saw both the opportunity and gap in the market to further develop our solution to incorporate an IP camera, which delivered unrivalled video quality and IR lighting, whilst being portable and solar powered.

“Reliability and resilience were also key factors in the development criteria and that’s why 360 Vision’s Invictus camera was the obvious choice.  We were very impressed with the camera technology, which in combination with our intelligent solar trailer system, gave rise to this new ground-breaking solution.”

The 360 Vision Invictus camera utilised in the development provides outstanding video quality and excellent performance in low light conditions. Moreover, with power consumption as low as 12W, the Invictus really is ‘top of its class’ with respect to energy efficiency when compared to similar camera models.

Tony Holloway, Business Development Manager at 360 Vision Technology said: “We are delighted to have worked in partnership with MVIS/Bartco UK on this leading edge, technology development project.  The automatic power management capability of our rugged PTZ cameras results in minimal power demand at all times. Couple this with the option for programmable power level IR and white Light illumination, tailoring the solution to the remotest locations, further enhances the camera performance whilst minimising additional power requirements.  This really does lend itself to this type of revolutionary, off-grid solution.  Technology partnerships like this really do ‘underpin’ and showcase 360 Vision’s flexible product credentials.”

Matt continues: “In order to deliver a solution which really did meet all the requirements, we considered it extremely important for us to work with a UK manufacturer that could both advise and support us through the development process.  Whilst currently being deployed in the traffic sector, the current applications for this are far-reaching. What’s more is that under the conditions seen due to COVID-19, this unit fulfils an even bigger market need in the name of high definition surveillance for safety. This really is UK engineering at its best.”

Download the latest Invictus brochure here