360 Vision Technology cameras proven with Vivotek VAST 2 VMS


A long-term technical partner of CCTV manufacturer 360 Vision Technology, Envisage Technology Limited has earned itself a distinguished reputation as an expert in high-end projects, with a portfolio of unique products. For many years, the company has overseen the installation of many 360 Vision Technology camera products across a variety of applications.

“Exploring beyond conventional CCTV and embracing the latest technologies allows us to stay at the very cutting edge of system solutions,” says Kevin Brown, Managing Director at Envisage Technology. “We employ a dedicated team of highly trained technical staff to support our customers across all areas; including hardware, software, networking, system integration, surveillance cameras and telemetry. This means that we are able to provide a complete solution for any application, and our close technical relationship with the sales and product development teams at 360 Vision Technology has been a key enabling factor.”

Illustrating the partnership between the two companies, Envisage Technology recently evaluated the latest 360 Vision Technology camera products with another of their industry leading partners’ product offerings, the Vivotek VAST 2 video management software (VMS) platform.

“As a value added reseller, we pride ourselves on the technical expertise and knowledge we are able to offer our security systems and networking installation customers across EMEA,” explains Kevin. “To further develop the compatibility and integration of the industry’s leading products we supply, we recently tested the 360 Vision Technology camera range with Vivotek’s VAST 2 VMS platform, to prove the viability of a total solution option perfect for a wide variety of installation applications.”

Vivotek’s VAST 2 VMS features simple operation on single or multiple monitors, custom layout to fit corridor and panorama formats, rapid export of multi-channel video and acquiring VCA analytics with integrated cameras. “VAST 2 provides an easy and intuitive UI with rich functionality, to meet the needs of any of our customers,” says Kevin. “Thanks to 360 Vision Technology’s ONVIF 2.4 Profile S compatibility, we were able to integrate their Predator and Invictus cameras into the VAST 2 VMS quickly and simply during our on-site integration evaluation.”

Bridging the divide between analogue and IP systems, 360 Vision Technology Invictus and Predator cameras are equipped with Hybrid functionality, enabling installation in existing analogue systems and full 1080P HD IP video streaming networks. Economical, and simple to install, Predator and Invictus cameras are available with IR and white-light high intensity illumination, providing a ruggedised PTZ solution with an industry-leading (up to) 200 metres of illumination.

“We are proud to support the integration of our camera range into an industry leading VMS such as Vivotek’s VAST 2,” says Mark Rees, Managing Director at 360 Vision Technology. “Not only does this ensure reduced installation time of 360 Vision cameras into a VAST 2 system, but also instant and full access to high-performance camera functionality.”