Bi3 DAVANTIS direct integration with 360 Vision Technology cameras


Since 2009, Business Insight 3 (Bi3) has been supplying new and innovative security and retail solutions to customers throughout the UK and Ireland. Specialising in offering ‘Best in class’ solutions to meet modern security challenges, Bi3 look to further enhance this by building strong, strategic partnerships with complimentary businesses. Bi3 enjoy the benefits offered via a close technical relationship with leading UK CCTV design and manufacturing company, 360 Vision Technology.

“The key principles of Bi3 are Innovation, Information and Intelligence. As the business has developed, these three principals have remained a core component of our strategy, and continue to shape the way the company evolves,” explains Richard Eaves, Bi3 Operations Manager. “Our dedicated team can assist with any project from design and specification through to install and after sales support. Deep technical integration with leading product manufacturers like 360 Vision Technology help us drive our own product development, to directly meet our end-user’s varied requirements. This has been particularly successful in the development of our DAVANTIS video analytics solution.”

After rigorous testing to ensure compliance with the relevant standards, the DAVANTIS video analytics product has been certified i-LIDS High Security Level 3 approved primary detection system, for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring applications (2009). Issued by the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (formerly CPNI), this certifies the DAVANTIS video analytics solution for sole source use for detection at Government facilities. The DAVANTIS product has also received Secured by Design (SBD) Accreditation, meeting both the Police Approved Standards and Police Preferred Specification.

DAVANTIS has the ability to centrally analyse all types of video streams and alert/react on a series of varied preset rules. DAVANTIS can detect and reduce crime through the use of highly intelligent and focused algorithms to maximise the full detection and prevention capability of standard CCTV systems.

“At Bi3 we are passionate about innovation, we don’t believe in standing still and accepting the status quo,” adds Ed Kohut, Bi3 Technical Director. “We are constantly searching for innovative products that we can use to help our customers meet their needs. Thanks to a close technical relationship with 360 Vision Technology, we have been able to develop DAVANTIS software to support the simple integration of 360 Vision’s camera range. Not only does this mean reduced installation time of 360 Vision cameras into a Davantis network, but full SDK level direct access to camera functionality – including our commended ‘Detect and follow’ feature. Our technical relationship with 360 Vision really comes into its own here, with a feature that not only detects and positions, but tracks objects via the 360 Vision camera – making CCTV control rooms far more effective and successful at being able to quickly resolve developing incidents.”