360 Vision Technology’s Invictus TX wireless camera specified for rapid deployment surveillance truck


360 Vision Technology, the UK manufacturer of rugged HD, radar and thermal PTZ imaging cameras, has been chosen to supply the camera surveillance technology for the next generation of rapid CCTV deployment.

Designed by 360 Vision Technology’s long term technical partner, Stuart Bostock, of Strategic Protection Services Ltd, the new rapid deployment surveillance vehicle uses a development of the company’s existing patent-pending Mobile Advanced Safety Tower (MAST), rapid deployment camera system, built-into the ultimate mobile application, the Mobile Advanced Safety Truck (MAST).

Based in the Cayman Islands, SPS specializes in the most advanced, integrated mobile surveillance and public safety systems available. MAST is an advanced data capture system, designed to maximize advancing technology in the fields of video capture, environmental monitoring, communications and green energy, across multiple, emerging surveillance applications. MAST products are designed to be safe, reliable and compliant systems with excellent service and continued specialised support.

Utilising the proven technology of MAST, the team concentrated on the next chapter, developing the MAST technology into the ultimate rapidly deployable vehicle system. Using 360 Vision’s Invictus TX, a high-performance, ruggedized all-in-one PTZ camera, with full 1080P HD and Predator ultra-low-light camera technology, the new MAST Truck has been developed to be a mobile, self-powered, non-obtrusive, public surveillance system.

Reliable wireless video transmission

Stuart Bostock, Owner of Strategic Protection Services takes up the story:  “Featuring 360 Vision’s world-class Invictus TX PTZ HD surveillance imaging camera, its leading-edge design, robust build, zero infrastructure requirements and seamless Video Management System (VMS) integration, help to make the MAST Truck unique in the US security market.

“The vehicle can be deployed virtually anywhere and thanks to the low bandwidth transmission and recording capabilities of the 360 Vision Invictus TX camera, high-quality HD images can be transmitted via cellular networks.”

Using 360 Vision Technology’s TX wireless video camera transmission technology delivers camera video & PTZ control from just 6 Kbps, with Full 1080p HD edge recording and remote retrieval on demand. Delivering high-quality camera video over low bandwidth, 360 Vision’s 3G/4G/LTE TX technology provides a highly robust wireless video transmission solution, that delivers high-quality streamed imaging even within the most difficult of wireless video transmission environments where the MAST truck may be deployed.

Furthermore, the Invictus TX camera of the MAST truck uses highly efficient optimised video compression, with unique minimal latency, which is fully encrypted and secure. The unique low-power consumption and green credentials of the 360 Vision camera range lends itself to a more economical and environmentally efficient operation, delivering extended operation performance and less battery capacity requirement for its use on the MAST truck.

Keeping running costs down to a minimum, the 360 Vision TX camera technology operates without the need for expensive airtime contracts and can switch dynamically between low and high bandwidth video streams, dependent on network capability; adjusting CCTV camera video quality to suit. This means the MAST system is unrestricted in its deployment capability, can record and transmit images, and be integrated remotely into VMS control rooms, if required.

Low power consumption

“Based within a rugged all-terrain platform, the MAST truck is 100% self- powered, using an advanced battery system, which is charged by the driving of the truck, or connected to mains power if required,” Stuart continues. “This feature is supported by the use of the low power requirements of the 360 Vision Invictus TX camera. MAST has been developed to answer the need for a more sophisticated and mobile surveillance system for infrastructure and public space safety. The MAST truck has proven unique, as it can be used both static and whilst on the move, and combines a rapidly deployable unit with some of the most advanced safety and surveillance technology available – the reason why we selected 360 Vision Technology for its core imaging and efficient transmission technology.”

Mark Rees, Managing Director at 360 Vision Technology added: “The Invictus TX’s high-performance, ruggedized all-in-one PTZ camera transmission with full 1080P HD and ultra-low-light camera technology, make it the perfect choice for off-grid temporary/rapid deployment mobile surveillance, such as the new MAST truck. Additionally, Invictus’ low-power consumption greatly assists the longevity of critical off-grid battery power when deployed in remote applications, and as in this application, extending the new truck’s operational performance and reducing camera maintenance requirements for the Strategic Protection Services team.”

Since its inception, the MAST truck has been deployed to provide reliable, high-definition surveillance at street festivals, demonstrations, public events, sports events, border control, green space protection, and to support coast guard shoreline protection.

“This is our most rapidly deployable MAST product, allowing real time decision making in almost any location,” says Stuart. “This MAST unit will fit directly into any truck bed and may be purchased to fit any existing approved vehicle, or as a fully operational truck, which can be driven into place and in operation within seconds. Any MAST truck can be built-to-order, to any specification, all using 360 Vision camera technology, including LED lighting, thermal integration and even radar.”