360 Vision’s Predator Radar camera achieves the final round of Security Essen ‘Security Innovation Awards 2018’


The UK’s leading CCTV manufacturing company, 360 Vision Technology, has announced that it is just one of thirteen worldwide security companies to have reached the final round of this year’s Security Essen ‘Security Innovation Awards 2018.’

Out of a total of 75 entries in the categories of Technology & Products and Cyber Security/Economic Security, the Security Innovation Awards’ jury have selected entries including 360 Vision’s Predator Radar camera to be judged for their innovation, through a range of gold, silver and bronze awards.

Perfect for a wide range of electronic surveillance applications, Predator Radar scans 360 degrees once every second to detect and track multiple objects simultaneously (with 400m of coverage)- providing a highly effective surveillance camera solution for wide area security monitoring and intruder detection.

The Security Innovation Awards 2018 independent panel of judges, consisting of 12 experts, under the leadership of a member of the Board of the Federal Association of Independent German Consultants and Engineers, will evaluate the final 13 submissions according to their innovation content, user benefits, economic viability and reliability.

‘We’re deeply honored to have been selected for the final round of these independent and prestigious awards,” says Mark Rees, Business Development Director at 360 Vision Technology. “From the outset, we instilled astrong emphasis on technical innovation and designfor Predator Radar, to make it a viable solution to support effective security, safety and site management.The team at 360 Vision is excited and looking forward to the final awards ceremony.”

The official presentation of the Security Innovation Awards 2018 will be held at Security Essen on September 25, 2018.